OneLife Italy - Milano - The Future Of Payments

Business Presentation
Italy, Milan, Grand Hotel Barone Di Sassj
Featured Speakers:
Kari Wahlroos, Iulian Cimbala, Ana Flavia Bittencourt, Ilenia Turelli, Diego Endrizzi, Jayson Abellar
In the first part of the event people will have the chance to see the OneLife opportunity and the people who are having success and amazing results.
Because of our special guest, the European Ambassador Kari Wahlroos, in the second part of the event we will undestand the big picture of our opportunity and the long term global vision of our founder Dr Ruja Ignatova.


13.00 Registrazione
14.00 Presentazione
14.45 Riconoscimento
15.30 Speaker
16.30 Speaker
17.30 Kari Wahlroos


I collaboratori sono pregati di indossare un abito adatto alla serietà, professionalità e alla notorietà globale del nostro business!

Venue Details

Via Vittorio Padovani 38, Sesto San Giovanni MI

Price: 10 EUR Tickets sale period ended: 10.09.2016